Love to a chosen dog is sometimes as important as your own life.

Here, in our kennel, we're trying to breed healthy and strong representatives of chihuahua, for which we take full responsibilities, love and care. We carefully choose a stud dog (champion) for our girls and we’re taking a good care of them, when they’re pregnant. We know that our attitude to that dog is very important, for her to become a mother. That’s why puppies are physically more resistant. That is certainly the key to get really good dogs.

When the time comes, and we have to put our puppies away we have to find a good owner or family, which is not so easy. Every puppy that goes away, takes a part of us with him, a part of our love, our heart, that’s why we care where is it going. We always have a good talk, with people that are interested for our dogs, so we can find out if they are really the right ones for it. And if they are ready for the new puppy arrival. And if they are, our little doggy becomes their new family member. We like to be in touch with puppy owner if its possible, because if we can, we’re like one big family.

Litter C - 16.3.2012

We finally got a litter of our female Iristar Doris Day and a stud dog Cirman family Dante (Casper).The thank you goes to his owner Klavidja Klemenc who let her dog become a father. Doris has given birth to 5 puppies on her own. 2 females and 3 males. They were extremly small but they're healty and strong. Even thought this is her first time beeing a mother, she is very good at it and she's taking a good care of them. Congrats Doris.





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Litter B - 26.11.2011

Our short-haired female Euridika Golden Medal or shortly Mia, has given birth to two little puppies on her own. They're two cute long-haired girls that we fell in love with them immediately. One is brown and the other one is white with brown head and some brown dots over her body.

Those are the first puppies from our male Iristar Extra Joy or shortly Oli.

Mia is feeling much better allready, but our proud daddy is a bit confused. But he'll get used to it.






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