Mona Lisa Dogomania


Hi, I'm Mona Lisa Dogomania, but you can call me Iza. I'm the first long haired chihuahua here in our home and that's why i'm so special. Well i dont want to praise on myself but i really am a wonderful dog. Even my character as they say is something special. Im calm, obedient and i like to have things in control. Im not demandig or competitive. Im just peaceful and im not afraid of anyone. I love when they throw me a ball so i can bring it back to them. Im not picky and I love to eat. I weigh 2,4 kg. I have long, really soft and silky hair. It's white combined with crem brown which is so beautiful in the sun. I enjoy when they’re making me more beautiful by combing my hair. I get along with all the dogs, even though some of them are much bigger than me.