I'm proud to say that I'm the dog from our first home litter. And because I look super cute and I have an amazing character I stayed here, Where I belong. They say that I have alot of potential and that I'm gonna be a successful exhibition dog. That's why I can't let them down. I'm almost a year old and I have 2,4 kilos. My coat is basically flawless. I have long hair which is extremly dense. I'm white with brown ears and a dot, where the tail beggins. I'm aware of my beauty. That is why I walk with my head high, my tail up and proudly looking at the world around me. I'm extremly playfull. I dont sleep alot. I'm up all night waiting for the morning to come, so I can play again, and annoy our male Oli. When it comes to my character, I'm alot like my mommy Mona Lisa Dogomania, and about my looks I look alot like my dad Mikado Pl Di Rio Galeria. So, that's why I'm pretty much the best.